Advancing Technology With You.

Innovative Digital Engagement and Tech Evaluation in Alberta (IDEATE) or IDEATEAlberta engages potential consumers and investors for valuable feedback on digital-health-enabled technologies such as mobile applications and wearables.

Alberta Innovates created this program to raise awareness and put potential consumers at the centre of digital technology and innovation development.

Your opinion matters


Have you ever downloaded the latest app or purchased a new wearable device to have your immediate response, "I love this, but"?

Help shape digital health technologies.

So much innovation is created without a clear, direct line of sight to the ideal user's immediate concerns. ​Other times, availability of funding limits how much is allocated to product validation and design. Or it can be as simple as innovators not having access to diverse populations to pilot their products.​

This is why we created IDEATEAlberta. Through our platform, we hope to bring everyone into the same space. For members of the public, IDEATEAlberta allows you to meaningfully contribute to tech & innovation by evaluating and reviewing emerging products. And for product developers, we hope to help you gain valuable insights into future client markets (for free) while having the opportunity to showcase your product to investors.​

Alberta Ingenuity Section

Get first-hand insights into Alberta-made technology and innovation.

Secure User-to-User Interface

Know your information is safe with our gated user interaction feature and only shareable when you want to.

Ability to Follow Products

Stay in the loop with the app's follow feature, save time and keep track of innovations from IDEATEAlberta's technology database.

Community Challenges

Engage and connect the broader community to crowdsource solutions using emerging tech.

Benefits of Participation

For Innovators

Test and validate your technology.

Engage with and get insightful feedback from a diverse population of future consumers on product performance, quality, and perceived value.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Access Alberta Innovates backed tools for commercialization success to help you gain critical data and insights into future consumer markets to help secure early investment

For Investors

Early-Access to Emerging Technology

Be at the cusp of emerging direct-to-consumer technology through our searchable database.

Reduce Risk

Invest in direct-to-consumer technology that has been viewed through a regulatory and ethics lens.

Community Challenges

Solve Problems

Tap into Alberta’s innovative expertise to source creative, effective, novel, and implementable solutions.

Forge New Partnerships and Networks

Build collaborative relationships to solve common problems that excite and mobilize the community.

For Evaluators

Promote Products You Care About

Have your voice heard in Alberta’s emerging tech and innovation ecosystem by contributing directly to the development of products that matter to you, ensuring that they meet your needs as a consumer.

Be Informed

Discover resources and learn about emerging technologies.

IDEATEAlberta is Here to Help You

Connecting Innovators With Potential Consumers In Innovation Development.

Your opinion matters

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Get a competitive edge through our clear, direct line of sight to potential consumers and learn what they prioritize.

Product name
Product name

Your technology matters

Gain Investor & Consumer Trust

IDEATEAlberta equips innovators with the best practices on ethics, consenting, data management and analysis.

In addition, the platform can be used to generate evidence to attract investors for future growth.

Your money matters

Discover Your Ideal Customer

Meaningfully engage potential consumers and find out what matters to them.

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Join IDEATEAlberta Today

Be part of a unique community of tech innovators, evaluators, and investors to ensure your opinions are included in tomorrow's technology.