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IDEATEAlberta is a user platform where the general public engages directly with emerging direct-to-consumer technologies, within the digital health space.

Simply it can be thought of as an online database of user-accessible technologies. Users can engage with technology under one or more pre-designed roles - evaluator (product evaluator), innovator (entrepreneur/founder), or investor.

Not at all! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Whether you’re an established technology guru, or simply looking to learn a more about digital health and how it can impact your life, there is something for you on IDEATEAlberta.

Every profile subset will be subject to individualized registration processes.

  • For Everyone, you can instantly register as an “Evaluator,” by creating a new account or by connecting through one of the integrated sign-in partners. Once your registration is complete you can instantly start exploring IDEATEAlberta’s device and resource catalogues and apply to evaluate products.
  • For founders, technology developers, & entrepreneurs, who want to conduct consumer research for their products – after completing your initial registration you are welcome to apply to become an “Innovator.” This will guide you through two-step application and approval process which will connect you to an Alberta Innovates program manager, who will verify that your technology meets the ethical and technical requirements of the platform. After which they will allow you to make a customized product page, that “Evaluators” and “Investors” can use to contact you.
  • For interested investors, apply to have an “Investor” profile added to your page. Once approved, you will be able to connect directly with “Innovators” to discuss investment options.
  • For community partners and corporations, we are still developing our “Community Challenges” section of the portfolio, if you want to learn how you can issues community calls for action or learn about enhanced platform features for you company please connect with us directly at ideate@albertainnovates.ca

The IDEATEAlberta platform does not directly collect any personal health data. General personal and demographic information is collected upon registration to facilitate connections between interested parties (i.e., Evaluator and Innovator, or Investor and Innovator), and is only shared through the platform after both groups have agreed to connect. Data will remain internal to IDEATEAlberta and will not be sold or shared to third party vendors without user consent.

To learn more about your personal and health data security we encourage you to check out the following resources:

There is no cost to join or interact with the IDEATEAlberta platform. We believe that innovation should be openly accessible to all individuals and expect our Innovators to share the same mindset.

As most products on the platform are still in their prototyping and validation stage, participants are encouraged to be market aware and cautious about any Innovators or companies that expect them to pay to participate.

Depending on the product, you may be given a gratuity in the form of cash or otherwise to participate in an Innovator’s study. This isn’t guaranteed for all products on the platform and depends on the commitment involved in evaluating a particular product. All innovators who enter the platform will have been coached on how to properly engage and compensate participants as part of their research.

This purely depends on the innovator, the technology, and its market readiness. Some Innovators may offer complimentary subscriptions to their products as part of their research studies and may extend access beyond the study conclusion as part of participant compensation. Others may let you keep the product if it is validated for the market. However, many innovators will likely request that the innovation be returned after research participation has concluded. We strongly encourage all participants to discuss these points with an Innovator before agreeing to participate in any study.

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