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Alethea Medical

Alethea is an eConsult platform that helps Family Physicians and other Primary Care Providers get faster access to specialist advice. Our technology provides PCPs with a seamless eConsult tool for expedited communication, as well as AI predictive support for ear, nose, throat, and dermatology conditions. Alethea is commercially available, and users can join right away by visiting
The problem you are solving

Alethea is improving the access to specialist for patients and providers through a mobile app and online platform. This is done by facilitating provider to provider communication. With Alethea, patients are treated faster.

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Alethea Medical - Healthcare Accelerated Faster, better care with Alethea’s eConsult platform.

Intended Use & Areas of Interest
  • General Health and Wellness
Brief description of how to use

Primary Care Providers can easily sign up for the mobile app and portal through our online sign up. Providers can use the app or portal to send an eConsult advice request to one of our participating specialist consultants, and receive a response to their inquiry within 24-48 hours. They can continue the conversation and access their message through the secure portal and app.

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27/06/2024 - 29/06/2028

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Male Female Non-binary , From 0 to 100

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