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My Normative

My Normative is a health platform driving innovation in the health sciences through clinically validated data collection, data management, and analytical processes. We facilitate equitable data collection and management to help differences emerge across sex and gender to ensure better health outcomes.
The problem you are solving

We help life sciences and health focused organizations scale their research, meet regulatory requirements around Equity Diversity and Inclusion and Knowledge Translation, and streamline their data management for collection and analysis.

Study Title (long)

Disrupting the Sex and Gender Data Gap. Visit our Website to Learn More Today

Intended Use & Areas of Interest
  • Brain & Nervous System
  • Heart & Circulatory System
  • Hormone & Metabolic Health
Brief description of how to use

The My Normative implementation team collaborates with each client to tailor each microservice to meet their project’s specific needs and goals.

Target Market

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Exclusion Criteria


Evaluation Period

21/05/2024 - 31/07/2026

Evaluator Sex & Age

Male Female Non-binary , From 12 to 99

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