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Product name


Wound³ is a mobile application currently for iOS that leverages AI and computer vision technology to produce highly accurate 3D scans simply by capturing a picture using the front camera.
The problem you are solving

The standard of care is a manual ruler measurement process that is inaccurate, introduces random error, infrequent, and inefficient, resulting in poor data quality and quantity to effectively monitor wound healing and inform wound treatment and care. With a fast, easy-to-use, mobile application for clinicians and patients alike, we are able to capture 3D scans more frequently, more consistently, and with greater accuracy to provide clinicians with actionable insights into patient healing and allowing for properly informed care.

Study Title (long)

A study evaluating the nominal accuracy of measurements captured using the Wound³ software.

Intended Use & Areas of Interest
  • Pre & Post-Operative Care
  • Other
Brief description of how to use

Open the application and navigate to the camera. Point the front camera at the affected area and ensure the entire affected area is highlighted in blue on the screen. Capture the image like one would capture an image. The software will produce accurate 3D scans and measurements for user review. In manual mode, the user may manually define the wound boundary for 3D measurement and scan reconstruction.

  • Evaluators
  • Investors
Target Market

Canada, ,

Exclusion Criteria

Compatible devices are iPhones X and later, or iPads 2018 or later.

Evaluation Period

01/05/2024 - 31/08/2024

Evaluator Sex & Age

Male Female Non-binary , From 0 to 99

Evaluator Compensation


Commitment of Evaluators

One-time, 15 minute scanning test on a synthetic target.

Length of Follow-up (Months)


Story Inspiration

We developed Wound³ after realizing how inefficient and ineffective the standard of care for wound measurement was, with the aim of helping patients and practitioners collect accurate, actionable data for better care insights and better patient outcomes.