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Meliora Wise Membership

Meliora Wellbeing: Transform Your Health Journey At Meliora Wellbeing, we tackle the challenges of modern wellness. Our Meliora Wise Membership offers practical changes to effortlessly integrate into your busy life, addressing common wellness challenges such as: -Time Constraints: Solutions that fit seamlessly into daily routines. -Decision Fatigue: Clear, simplified choices to ease wellness decisions. -Reliable Information: Expert-curated content grounded in science. -Personalized Support: Tailored guidance to enhance personal growth and self-awareness. Defining Wellbeing: We go beyond superficial definitions, focusing on the interplay between mental state, stress recovery, and lifestyle to foster resilience and adaptability. Our approach ensures that you live well, truly and holistically. -Membership Benefits: -Group Coaching -Masterclasses -Expert Guidance -Weekly Wellness Tools -Exclusive Resources -Tailored Q&A’s -Peer Support Join our community committed to deep, impactful wellness changes. Discover how the Meliora Wise Membership can redefine your approach to wellbeing and support your health journey every day. Explore, Engage, Evolve with Meliora Wellbeing.
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Transform Your Self-Care with Meliora Wellbeing In today’s fast-paced world, self-care often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. Traditional wellness methods like gym sessions or scheduled classes can be hard to fit into our busy schedules, and they may not always align with our individual needs from a stress and recovery perspective. What if there was a solution that could adapt to your lifestyle and seamlessly integrate into your daily routine? Introducing Meliora Wellbeing: We offer a unique approach that puts you at the center of your wellness journey. Our strategy focuses on Micro-Moments—simple, quick practices that fit into any schedule and enhance wellbeing without adding stress. Why Choose Meliora Wellbeing? -Lifelong Tool: Our approach stays with you for life, adapting to your changing needs and situations. -Flexible and Convenient: Implement wellness practices that blend into your daily activities, wherever you are. -Proven and Supportive: Guided by experts, our methods are designed to make managing your health straightforward and effective. Join us at Meliora Wellbeing and start a transformative journey that simplifies self-care and promotes long-term health. Discover how our innovative approach can make wellness an effortless part of your everyday life. Take the first step towards a better you—explore Meliora Wise Membership platform today.

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Meliora Wise Membership Evaluation: Strategizing Wellbeing, One Micro-Moment at a Time

Intended Use & Areas of Interest
  • General Health and Wellness
  • Healthy Aging
  • Mental Health
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Online or app platform for group wellness coaching and strategies. Membership consists of weekly strategies, supports, inspirational quotes, and oppurtunity to ask question. Partake in the membership and provide feedback on usability, accessibility, relevance, and engagement. Meliora Wise Membership is an online or app platform to access group coaching, masterclasses Q&A sessions, sourses, and online peer community. You will need: -Computer or -Smart Phone -internet access Log on 2-3 times per week, participate in online discussions, leave comments on discussion board, practice strategies and integrate ways for them to become habits. We want these strategies to be slow, purposeful, integrative and adaptable to your everyday life.

  • Evaluators
  • Investors
Target Market

Canada, Alberta, Alberta

Exclusion Criteria

Evaluation Period

18/06/2024 - 30/09/2024

Evaluator Sex & Age

Male Female Non-binary , From 18 to 133

Evaluator Compensation

Free Platform Access for duration of evaluation (2-3 months)

Commitment of Evaluators

30-45 minutes / week following our membership content. Plus 5-10 minutes each week providing evaluation.

Length of Follow-up (Months)


Story Inspiration

As health professionals, we struggled with our self-care and stress management. We went looking for a solution that we trusted, but could not find it in one place. So, we created it. We want to break through the noise of the wellness industry, lessen the decision fatigue, address the barriers, and create a trusted platform that goes beyond influencers and marketing schemes.