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NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix

A Canadian made, award winning, Health Canada approved medical device. This commercially available technology has been used to increase the speed of healing wounds, from small skin tears to chronic wounds, to a wide range of dermatological challenges.
The problem you are solving

Studies have shown how wounds, especially complex wounds, affect individuals beyond physical pain. Wounds contribute to psychological stress, negative emotions, malodour, social isolation, sleep and mobility problems. Unfortunately, struggling with complex wounds is an all-too-common issue that goes unnoticed a lot of the time. One in four families will have a loved one who has difficulty healing or prone to complex wounds. This silent pandemic of complex wounds is the focus of NanoTess' Canadian made flagship technology, NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix.

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NanoSALV Catalytic Advanced Wound Care Treatment Matrix - Purchase it online through or through our community retail partners!

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  • General Health and Wellness
  • Skin & Allergy
  • Pre & Post-Operative Care
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NanoSALV’s simple design makes it easy to apply to a variety of wound types, shapes, and sizes, including early-stage intervention, surgical wounds, chronic-stage wounds, and a variety of skin health concerns. Health Canada has approved this NanoSALV Catalytic as a medical device with the following claims: (1) actively supports and promotes wound healing, reduces inflammation and (3) offers a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect within the protective matrix barrier.

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02/05/2024 - 02/05/2028

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Male Female Non-binary , From 1 to 99

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